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Rally Vysočina 2007, March 23rd - 24th

Press release No.2

published 28. února 2007

Who can started in Rally Vysocina ...

Regarding this year's make - up championships ahead of shutter applications show in totality cars that the they may in Rally Vysocina 2007 start.

Like get - togethers Mio Czech sprintrally championship they may start all crew that the secondary priority ASN with cars class A, N and S (cars witch overdue homologation and cars classes A8). These crew will fight over awards and caps headed by travelling cup of president Vysocina Region Milos Vystrcil headed out. At the same time with it will their record include to the classification Mio Czech sprintrally championship .

Next part in Rally Vysocina is free event of zone Central Europe - Cup of senator Vitezslav Jonas. Hereinto cup can be include all current cars starts in rally. To the results will then include drivers with priority ASN, foreign crew and all Czech sprintrally championship drivers. Absolute winner Rally Vysocina will renowned crew just from those insider entered and at the same time with it will on objective ramp awarded drivers and co - drivers that the arrive on 1st - 6th place absolutely.

Independent chapter is then K4 cup Czech republic in rally. Here they may start crew after regulation cup. Champion crew will obtain cup of chief magistrate municipality Okrisky Josef Kula. In those competition then they may start and crew with historical cars that is why believe, that the Rally Vysocina use just historians for started and test cars before its own championship.

On the finish ramp and subsequently on prize giving in Heraltice then all crew will obtain on the whole almost 200 cups and interesting matter - of - fact awards from our partners, already almost standard from Pioneer and further from our main partner Schneider Bohemia.

Believe, that the on start shall may welcome interesting crew in numerous quantity and subsequently with those happier come together and on promulgation results. On already conventional refreshment in Heraltice are of course yclept all competitors.

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