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Rally Vysočina 2007, March 23rd - 24th

Press release No.1

published 15. února 2007

Ceremonial Start of This Year´s Rally Vysočina in Třebíč and an Increase in Number of Prizes for the Crews

One of this year´s greatest innovations will be the relocation of Rally Vysočina Start straight into the centre of Třebíč to Charles Square. The ceremonial start of the race in the form of a big show for spectators will be taking place on Friday 23rd March from 4pm right there. The event is being prepared in cooperation with the Znojmo agency of B.B. Art Studio, and if all the negotiations succeed, we can promise all the automobile fans a great show. For example, at the end of the start, between 8 and 9pm, there will be fire and lightning effects when the crews with the lowest start numbers run over the ramp. There will also be two cultural entries with fashion shows and a celebrity performance during the afternoon. All the spectators will have the chance to be acquainted with the products of our general partner -
Schneider-Bohemia Firm, which is a producer of pressure air-conditioning and the cars of the forunners. We are negotiating participation of a very attractive car in this category. There will also be an exhibition of our partners´cars - car dealers in the square and there might even be new Škoda Fabia and new Kia Cee´d.

We also assume that some cultural and political personalities from Třebíč and surroundings will take part in the event.

Since the beginning of February we have been gathering crew entries and we have already had some foreign drivers interested in taking part in the rally. The list of the entries and other information are available on our official web site www.RallyVysocina.com .

The atmosphere of the rally is closely connected with the prize giving. This year we have made essential alterations to the number of the cups. The first six crews in the final ranking will be rewarded the cups. The cups will be given out right on the finish ramp. In this way we would like give thanks to those who perform very well in the race but they do not reach the first three places.

The winning crew will receive the Cup of the President of the Vysočina region.

A winning crew, who will not be able to be ranked in the Czech Rally Championship, will receive the Cup of Senator Vitězslav Jonáš.

Another cup - the Czech Rally Cup - will be given to its winner by Mr Josef Kula, the Mayor of Okříšky.

All the other cups will be handed over on the prize giving in the culture house in Heraltice along with some refreshments.

We must not forget to mention the prizes for the crews. They will be the products of Pioneer.

We are looking forward to your participation in the event!

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